Amsterdam is a Great Place For Budget Tourists

Amsterdam is among the few international destinations that is pocket friendly to the tourists. The tourists traveling on budget will love this place. There are a large number of hotels and budget hotels suited to every visitor. However, there is a great scramble for accommodation during Christmas holidays and the summer holidays. It is advisable to plan your trip in advance to ensure accommodation as well as discounts available to early birds.

The public transport available in Amsterdam is not only economical but their tram system is also quite efficient. However, before purchasing your strippenkaart you must keep aware of your belongings. Strippenkaart is the ticket for tram transportation. While traveling by tram, you might never know when and how your money got pick pocketed. You might also decide to drive in your car. You must be conversant with their road traffic laws. Although there are separate lanes for the cyclists in Amsterdam, you never know when they might suddenly appear before your car. You need to be careful in driving. Those who decided to walk through Amsterdam might also experience inconvenience from the cyclists.

The currency used in Amsterdam is Euro. The English speakers will not find any problem in Amsterdam as this language is well understood there. In the market place as well as around the places of tourist importance you might find a lot of people that speak English fluently. Besides English, you might hear French, German, and the other European dialects frequently.

There are strict laws on drugs and alcohol there. While a person must be at least 16 to drink beer, drugs in small quantities can only be purchased by a person over 18. You might like to tip for the services at bars, or restaurants, or for hiring a taxi. It is perfectly acceptable to tip them between 5 and 10 percent

While at Amsterdam you might visit museums, botanical gardens and do shopping. The best museum over there that houses the works of great painters like Picasso and Monet is the Stedelijk Museum. Damrak has the finest shops and eating joints. Finally, the Hortus Botanicus is bound to appeal to your aesthetic sense.